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A tool for VTubers that aims to provide a wide range of customisable and flexible stream interactions.

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Current features includes:

  • Live VRM loading - I like this model, no this one, but what about this one!?
  • Integrated custom items - Make your own kitchen sink, all from within Beepo Box!
  • Body mounted effects - Never have your pats/bonks miss again
  • Body morphing - You know what they say about VTubers with big hands...
  • Particles effects - All the benefits of confetti without the clean up
  • Trail effects - Swishy hands, feel like a wizard!
  • Bit reactions - Who doesn't like being showered in bits?

With lots more features and customisation planned for the future.

These awesome beepos are testers and have access to the latest pre-release versions of Beepo Box. Check them out to see any cool upcoming features:

The Beepo Box logo was made by the wonderful VTuber and artist Moonmeadow.

You can follow the development of Beepo Box over on twitter @BeepoBox

If you would like to help support the development of Beepo Box you can do so over on Patreon

If you want to keep up to date with the Beepo community you can do so by joining the BeepoSoft Discord

Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tagsbeepo-box, stream, twitch, vtube, vtuber, vtubing


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The format VSF  is specified but the textures are not loaded, some models do not move at all.

Hey EvangaL,

Firstly, thanks for downloading BeepoBox. VSF support is fairly limited at the moment as I don't have any VSF avatars to use outside of the examples given but I expect I can fix the texture loading issues you're showing here.

Could you DM me on twitter @BeepoBox or on discord LordHogFred#3940 and we can work something out ☺


Got it, we'll wait!

Hi EvangaL, the latest update should fix the issues you were having :)


Hey Fred,
I had a few questions, I hope you don't mind!

Can you tell a little bit about the plans for after 1.0 release?

Are you considering support for 2D avatars as well?

Are the Swishy Trail colours customisable? They're my absolute favourite!

You mentioned Bit Reactions, do those represent the actual amount of bits being donated?

Sorry for all the questions, love the project so far!

(1 edit)

Not at all, I'm glad you're liking what you see, looking forward to getting Beepo Box into everyone's hands finally!

I'm planning on continuing development post 1.0 for sure. There's a long list of features I'd like to add which I'll start sharing post launch but I'll also be keeping a close eye on any feedback that comes through.

2D support is something I'd like to do for sure. PNG is certainly possible, Live2D is more tricky but I have some ideas for that too!

I'm quite fond of the finger trails as well 😊. A colour picker for each finger is already implemented and it has 3 different presets that are randomly chosen when the effect is triggered.

The bit redeem showers are an approximate representation of the amount of bits yes. It's not exact because they're actually particle effects for efficiency reasons but you'll definitely notice much longer effects for larger bit donations.

Hopefully that covers everything, if you've got any more questions let me know. I'm also looking to open a discord soon so if that's your thing I'll look forward to seeing you there 😊